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Helping Congregations with their Missionary Care

Beth Reese leads a missionary care workshop for a local congregation.

Every congregation wants to treat its missionaries well.  Many supporters, however, have little or no experience in living abroad, and lack opportunity to learn how best to help.  InterMission can provide this opportunity.  InterMission personnel have lived on a variety of fields.  They know what missionaries need.  In their own congregations, and through InterMission, they are deeply involved in missionary care, of which a vital component is helping the supporting church with the practicalities of caring.


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Do you want to attend an InterMission event? Find out if you qualify. Fill out one registration per family unit for ReEntry or InterNational InterMission events; each family member who will attend Global Reunion must register individually.

Please fill out our contact form and tell us where you work and the congregation that supports you.

News and upcoming events



We are looking forward to hosting a Re-Entry in Edmond , OK on Friday and Saturday, December 10-11, 2021.  It will be an intensive two days filled with discussion on subjects such as fitting into the American church and adjusting to American culture. There will be separate classes for children. 

Local Christians will provide food and housing making the event free to participants.



Our team is eager to spend two days  hearing your stories and sharing ours, and providing you with a refreshing time of learning and fellowship. We look forward to having you register for our next 2-day Re-entry weekend soon.





Please join us as we once again have. Global Reunion. We be coming together in Edmond, OK, from in the summer of 2022. Because of our host sites schedule this may be in June next year so keep watching this site for the correct date. 




InterNational InterMission


We are in the planning stages of having an InterMission  in Ecuador during a long weekend, February25-March 1, 2022.


This will be open to cross-cultural missionaries in Ecuador and surrounding countries in Central and South America.