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Third Culture Kids

Robert Brown and his sister along with Helen Pearl Scott and Boyd Reese. Their parents moved to the Rhodesias in the mid 1920's.

Culturally, the child of a missionary does not belong to the first culture (of the parents) or the second (of the mission field).  Instead, the child belongs to a unique mixture, the third culture—which can leave the child feeling out of place in the first and the second.  Unrecognized and unresolved issues can affect an entire life-time.  Fortunately, recent research along with abundant experience can assist both parents and children.

Roy (now deceased) and Jaxie Palmer reared eight children on two mission fields.

InterMission members are committed to helping Third Culture Kids in their transitions.  We believe they need tools which will help them throughout life.  They also need to know they are not alone; they need to meet and come to love many other kids just like themselves.  InterMission hosts a camp each summer called Global Reunion specifically for TCKs.  InterMission also has special classes for TCKs at each ReEntry and InterNational InterMission.


To see photos of Global Reunion, ReEntry and InterNational InterMissions, click on the link or go to History.

Do you want to attend an InterMission event? Find out if you qualify. Fill out a registration form for each family member who will attend for Global Reunion and one per family for other events.

Please fill out our contact form and tell us where you work and the congregation that supports you.


Our next ReEntry InterMission is coming up soon: Oct. 6-7, 2017 at Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond, OK.


The Global Reunion for 2017 will be July 24-28. It will be held Monday-Friday instead of over a weekend. Since numbers are getting so large, please remember to register early . Early Bird registration to save $25 each will be through  June 15. No registration will be taken after July 1. The TCK camp has expanded to include the whole family from ages 5 and up. Contact us if you have a younger one and need special arrangements. Each person needs to register individually so that we have the information for everyone.


InterNational InterMission: Nicaragua will host InterMission Central America April 3-7, 2017. Couples and families from Central America are welcome to apply for registration.