Requirements for Qualification

Requirements for Qualification

As a Participant

Since we are a small ministry and individuals on the team serve our brotherhood in other major capacities (thus limiting our time and resources), we have to have qualifications for those we can serve. While we are happy to talk to anyone with a need, we focus our InterMission sessions on the following.

Global Reunion

  • 13-21+years and their families

  • members of the churches of Christ

  • have lived or are living in an international location


      • have served 9 months or longer as missionaries internationally

      • members of the churches of Christ

      • have returned to the United States

      • or may be a foreign national working in a US ministry

InterNational InterMission

      • currently serving in an international location

      • members of the churches of Christ

Feel free to invite us to hold an InterNational InterMission in your area!

As a Facilitator

While we believe anyone can and should be an encourager of missions and missionaries, we believe InterMission offers a special service. Our motto is: Missionary Care - because we've been there.

Facilitators who serve with InterMission have served on the field themselves as missionaries with the churches of Christ. We value experience highly, therefore InterMission facilitators must have served a minimum of eight years. Currently, each member of our permanent team has spent 16 years or more overseas.