What is InterMission?

John & Beth Reese,
Cherry & Clay Hart,
Nancy & Kent Hartman
joined in 2006

 Three families banded together in 2006 to found a ministry that we pray will continue to expand through the hearts and lives of missionaries around the world. In 2012 another couple became a permanent part of the team. We are dedicated to helping fellow missionary families and invite others to join us. InterMission is committed to giving ourselves to the task of equipping, encouraging, preparing, and appreciating those who are at various stages in their own ministry endeavors.

The ministry is called InterMission because the term itself is so rich in meaning. The name describes people on mission who are interacting with one another. The term intermission in the context of a drama production refers to a break in the action. Between acts both audience and performers remove themselves from directly engaging in the drama for a period of time. Actors may spend this time resting as well as preparing for the next act. Members of the audience may use the break for refreshment and to process what they have witnessed up to that point. This time may also be used to think about, and perhaps even discuss what might come next.

Edward & Sharon Short
joined in 2012
Janet & Fielden Allison, facillitators at InterMission South Africa

From our perspective, an InterMission is a time for missionaries and their families to take a step out of the routine day to day action, and spend some highly impactful time with fellow missionaries who offer themselves, their resources, hearts and souls, for mutual edification and refreshing. This brief time away from the action can be useful for processing the past, evaluating and celebrating what God has done in our lives up to the present, and preparing for challenges yet to come.

InterMission speaks of the interrelatedness that all missionaries share. It hints that although mission efforts may undergo transition, and areas of focus and locations may change, the missionary’s heart is forever ablaze with the flame of God’s mission.

Our prayer is that participants will come to every InterMission with expectant hearts, anticipating not only to receive refreshment and encouragement from others, but also to give for the benefit of all.

Judy & Ken Kendall-Ball, John Reese, Nancy & Kent Hartman at InterMission South Africa
Group activity at ReEntry Memphis 2011

Core Team

Beth Reese

BS, MS in Family Studies

Specializing in missionary families and congregational missionary care

Missionary in Zimbabwe 1976-78, 2004-5

Missionary in South Africa 1978-1991

Missionary Care Coordinator Westover Hills Church of Christ 2003 -2011

Cherry Hart

BA, MA in Licensed Professional Counseling

Specializing in missionary and TCK emotional well-being 

Missionary in South Africa for 18 years.

Presently working with TCKs in Edmond, OK

Clay Hart

BA, Biblical Greek; MA, Biblical Studies; Ed. S. Higher Education Leadership

Specializing in re-entry and worship 

Missionary in South Africa 1985-2003 

Presently serving as International Minister at Memorial Road Church of Christ

Edward Short

BA, MA in Theology

Certificate & Specialization in Mandarin Chinese

Missionary in Taiwan 1967-1983

Writer and producer of Chinese language programs for World Christian Broadcasting from 1985-2018.

John Reese

BA, M.Ed in Bible Education

Specializing in spiritual training and missionary families

Reared in Zimbabwe as a Third Culture Kid 

Missionary in Zimbabwe 1976-78, 2004-2005

Missionary in South Africa 1978-1991

Currently serves with World Bible School 1991-present

Kent Hartman

BS Religious Education

Masters degree in theology, Ministry

Work with TCKs, missionary families, personal finance.

Missions in Australia 1983-2000 

Missionary-in-residence at Oklahoma Christian from 2002 to present.

Lewis Short

BA French

Master of Divinity

Reared in Taiwan as a missionary kid

Missionary in Italy 1995-2011

Missionary in Tanzania 2014-2019

Currently on board of  Tanzania Christian Services

Nancy Hartman

BA (with missions minor) from Oklahoma Christian University

Missionary to Australia 18 years

Presently TCK Advocate/Advisor at Oklahoma Christian University

Sharon Short

BA, MS in Educational Psychology

Special certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language

Missionary in Taiwan 1967-1983

Elementary ESL teacher 1985-2003

Tammy Short

BSN in Nursing, Registered Nurse

Reared in South Africa as a missionary kid

Missionary in Italy 2000-2011

Missionary in Tanzania 2014-2019

Currently supervising Tanzania students in higher education