Newly married Lewis and Tammy Short as they are leaving for the mission field

Marriages are from God so they can be truly magnificent. The job of missionary is also God given. Most occupations do not involve both husband and wife, but this is not true with missions. Both tend to be involved in a missionary career. Both partners need to be on the field because he/she feels the commitment. Beth Reese conducted a survey of 137 missionaries in the churches of Christ. In this survey, only one wife said she was not a missionary. This wife worked fulltime at an international school.

Missionary couples have the same problems and the same temptations as other couples in addition to daily stresses of living in more difficult situations with different challenges. The couple needs to remember that the mission to the lost is a joint one. Couples need to keep focused on the Lord and keep their priorities in order in their family.

  • How to Set Priorities

  • Commitment to Each Other